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  1. Hi I have a Tiva C TM4C123GXL launchpad. I was wondering if the SD Card booster pack, will fit the Tiva C board? I read it had 40 pin support and had solderable jumpers. Thanks Joe
  2. Again you are not reading what I have written "I did not indicate that conductive thread was a viable solution," I also did not indicate to use the stainless thread. I said "If you want better resistance then sew with larger AWG wire." I was referring to sewing with copper wire, not stainless thread.
  3. @@rockets4kids, The OP asked about use of conductive paint/epoxy, I did not indicate that conductive thread was a viable solution, I indicated I would use conductive before I would use conductive paint. But doing a bit more research, The Adafruit web site indicates that a 3 ply stranded stainless steel thread has the following specs: Measures 0.25mm thick, 3 ply thread, 0.83 ohm per inch If you look at the AWG chart at http://www.engineersedge.com/copper_wire.htm These specs are right in line with stranded 30 AWG wire and for 1000 feet the resistance is 103.00 ohms.
  4. I would rather go with conductive thread and other fabric based components before I would go the conductive paint/epoxy. As mentioned, pricey, high resistance, joining standard parts to existing materials. Conductive thread, sneak your wife's sewing machine, get some cheap fabric and sew your parts on a fabric circuit board, I guess that would be an FCB. Check out Adafruit, they have lots of fabric based components. Thanks Joe
  5. Very nice, I was thinking of doing this, because it is a much needed item for cross platform support. Great job. Now TI LaunchPad users can leverage many of the Arduino shields out there, until the world recognizes that the booster pack pin configuration is a better way to go. ;-) Thanks Joe
  6. Thanks RodG If the female header pins would not have worked I would have gone the boosterpad pin route. Joe
  7. abecedarain, Good question. The chip socket that TI uses has small round holes. The ZIF socket will not fit directly into the chip mounted on the launchpad. If you look at the pins on the ZIF socket they are wide and flat. The male pins on the female header socket are small enough to fit directly to the socket on the launchpad. Thus the two part solution is required. Thanks Joe
  8. Rei Vilo, You know what they say, "Great minds think alike" Thanks Joe
  9. Hi All, I have read the other posts about the problems with attempting to unsolder the chip socket from the mps430 launchpad. Believe me I have a stack of trashed boards that have the through hole copper trace shot. I also wanted to retain the onboard 32Khz watch crystal. So digging through the parts box and trying different things I came up with the following easy to install version of the ZiIF socket install. I purchased some 10 pin female header sockets, trimmed the pins down. Purchases a few ZIF sockets, mine indicate TFXTDOL. Removed the msp430 chip, Inserted the female
  10. Sounds like a cool project, welcome. Joe
  11. Welcome, I am also a recent convert from ATMEL to MPS. Joe
  12. Hi, new to MSP430, been reading MSP430 Microcontroller Basics by John Davies, up to Chapter 4. Nice book to go along with the user guides. Dusted off my EZ430 Chronos watch. Looks like it it time for a project. Joe
  13. Welcome from across the pond Joe
  14. Welcome otto949otto, I am just down the road in Escondido. I am currently reading John Davies MSP430 Microcontroller Basics, there are some good C code examples in his book. Also download msp430ware from the TI web site or use the Apps Center in CCS v 6 and download msp430ware. There are a ton of code samples. C for embedded systems is more about setting bits in registers, masking bits and shifting bits than using a lot of higher level C functions. The binary bitwise operators in C are very easy to use. Feel free to ask any C related questions though on the forum. Anot
  15. Thanks re, I will have to look into using mspgcc. Joe
  16. Yes, I know this is a dated post, but I picked up John Davies MSP430 Microcontroller Basics book and have read the first three chapters over the week-end. This is a great book to go along with the user guide, the MSP430X2XX family user guide. Well written, fairly easy reading and some good coding examples. Thanks Joe
  17. Thanks bluehash, Yes 16KB is alot, Joe
  18. Hello All, Recent convert to LaunchPad. I really like the documentation TI has put out. Much easier to get up to speed on the environment than other processors. Cost per chip and LaunchPad pricing is really nice. Love the format an content of 43oh. Just wish CCS was not so expensive. Thanks Joe
  19. Hello All, Recent convert to MSP430 Thanks Joe
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