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  1. mCPC430 is an industry ready, freely C-programmable controller, based on MSP430 processor. It offers the flexibility of C programming language using integrated development environment from Texas Instruments. The main advantage of using this device is that it can take a product from concept to market in a short time by investing only in writing the application code. Thus, the product designer will focus on writing the application code, based on an already designed and tested hardware system. Model mCPC Microcontroller MSP430F6736A 25 MHz system clock, 128 KB Flash, 8 KB SRAM, 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC, RTC, 32-bit hardware multiplier RTC 32.768 kHz, ±20 ppm Digital inputs 2 digital inputs Digital outputs 2 digital outputs, optically isolated, open-collector Analog inputs 2 universal analog inputs (differential 24-bit) - thermistor, RTD Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, 2 or 4 wire - bridge sensor - electronic device 2 analog 4-20/2-10 mA (10-bit) Communication interface - 2 x RS232, ultra-low power - RS485, MAX3471, 1.6 μA with receiver enabled Memory archives EEPROM, 25LC256, 32768 x 8-bit organization Power supply Battery 3.6V, A, AA and/or external power supply 5 ... 27VDC, or photovoltaic panel Backup power 330 mF supercap Ambient temperature -25 … +55 °C Housing Polycarbonate UL 94 V0, crystal-clear lid, Bocube Protection Class IP66 Dimensions Length-151mm x Height-80mm x Width-60mm
  2. This new project uses the MSP430F6736A microcontroller.It is a small data acquisition device. Key features are: - MSP430F6736A 128K Flash, SRAM 8K - 7-segment LCD display - SPI EEPROM 256K - two low-power RS232 interfaces - RS485 - two universal analog inputs (Pt100 RTD / 500/1000, NTC, resistive bridge or ratiometric sensor...) - two digital inputs - two optically isolated digital output - two analog inputs 4 ... 20 mA - 3.6V battery - additional optional supply 5 ... 27 V - backup super capacitor 0.33F A first application of this circuit is a gas volume corrector (PTZ Volume Corrector). Other applications are: - Flow Computer (gases, steam, water, heat metering...), - data logger, - telemetry, - small automation.
  3. In the prototype version, is working on a model IO board, which allows the user to build their own project. On this board user will be able to mount any circuit can imagine, for then they can make a final PCB.
  4. Hi, This is a new project based on MSP430F5437A. Please look at the description of the web page: http://scitec.hubpages.com/hub/C-Programmable-Logic-Controller-CPC430
  5. After several changes the site is active and project presentation viewable. In September 2014 C-functions file shall be downloaded for free. About the kit price is 64 Euro. Neculai
  6. Hi Igor, thanks for remark.....I already done the neccesary corrections. Neculai
  7. I want to add two images of the PCB that are part of the PLC.
  8. C functions that will be available to developers will be the basis functions with respect to RTC, SPI, Modbus RTU, relays, LEDs, ADC, Analog/Digital inputs..... This library will be improved all the time with new features and is free. Is the responsability of the developer that end product to use those functions he deems necessary. Neculai naga@ack.ro
  9. Hi, A new project based on MSP430 microcontroller is in process of being finalized. This is a PLC that can be programmed in C. A preliminary description of it can be found at: http://scitec.hubpages.com/hub/C-Programmable-Logic-Controller-CPC430 In these days this description will be improved. I'll add a bill of materials and a file with C-specific PLC functions. The project will be available as a kit from September 15, 2014. Neculai naga@ack.ro
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