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    You need to drive pin 5 HIGH, not just set it to OUTPUT.
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    Energia sets the chip up to run 16MHz via the internal oscillator(s?), the external crystal is typically for an optional 32.768kHz crystal for RTC use. It's not used for the core clock in Energia, nor in most setups.
    Regardless of what you're programming it with, you really shouldn't need anything more than VCC (2.0v to 3.6v), GND, a cap from VCC to GND, and a pullup resistor on RST(reset).
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    The Launchpad user guide has a nice circuit diagram to follow if need be, and has all the components already mentioned, see page 16 for the MSP430G Launchpad.
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    well, 0.1uF cap across Vcc/GND too
    Programming may work fine without the 1nF cap between RST and GND, although I haven't tried that on a breadboard.
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    The only things necessary to get your MSP working are: power on Vcc pin, GND on GND pin, and Vcc on RST pin.
    47k is needed if you want to do in-circuit programming (in that case you should also add 1nF cap from RST to GND.)
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