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  1. Correct.Well I did not thought much about it apart from what I said already. RPi reached the stage for coding some nice things beowolf (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beowulf_cluster) style. So why not use it for DEV tools and create a powerful ARM 32 based system to work with launchpads In my view its pretty cool.TI did great things but CodeComposer Studio is simple TOO fat for most things Rgds Gottfried
  2. Roadrunner First thanks for your reply but maybe my post was not clear enough. What I was thinking when I posted was to use Energia IDE on RPi instead of a different host ( Ubuntu/Windows ) I understand that RPi image ( Raspian in my case ) runs java but only just. So I was thinking if there is any opportunity to remove java as JRE to run Energia with something what is more optimized to RPi hardware. And if Java removal is impossible or unpractical try to optimize it that when it is running on a cluster of RPi that it is quicker Regards Gottfried
  3. Hello to everyone, I am new to this forum after playing around happily with TI MSP 430 and also a bit with Stellaris Board. Mostly with Getting Started with the MSP430 Launchpad from Fernandez/Dang as my reference. So far so good anything did work well but I am just wondering if someone thought about porting Energia in a way that it would run on a Raspberry Pi Bramble( clust er of RPi) And by doing that also being able to run DEV on RPi only connected to USB hubs for power. The HDMI monitor excluded. Thanks in advance for any feedback Regards Gottfried
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