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  1. Hi Leo Thanks a million for your input.. Everything seems to brighten up a little bit every day. I am really excited about this project and believe it is do-able. I will follow all the advice everyone has given to me thus far. Thank you for making the data logging a bit more clear to me. I first want to establish the basic concept and once the whole thing is working, I can always add onto this concept. Regards
  2. Hi Zeke Thanks for this outline and list. I will look into the links you gave me. I am starting to look into another project also, that I will post. (Deciding to switch over maybe). I am really worried about my time frame and my lack of knowledge and understanding... I am really glad I found 43oh...
  3. This is really breaking it down alot for me Roadrunner I am greatful for all the help. I thought that the RTC, stopwatch might still be achievable. Also wiring it to a serial 16x2 LCD display might also be okish? Buttons etc... These things I think I can maybe manage with alot of research and help still. BUT.... The data logging is a very unclear matter. In a way I understand what you are explaining with this. I am not bound to Ethernet. Spoke to Lecturer and asked if I can maybe first establish it with serial (UART) usb? or Rs232? I don't know if this is easier? He said it is fine
  4. Hey Roadrunner84 HAHAHA.... Welcome to my world of studying engineering. I thought you only learn to swim when you are a kid but with us and our university they like to teach us to swim every year. Last semester for process instrumentation2 I had to do a PLC S7-300 project connected to a SCADA system and we have never worked on ANY of those software packages or anything. I am currently busy with a subject called DIgital Systems3 and there I touched a MCU for the first time in my life last week.... So my other subject Design Projects 3 requires me to do a project, I was looking into
  5. All the help is much appreciated guys Cubeberg - Im also worried about my time frame enl - I also though to go serial first. RS232? and try to first get some data transfered (can always try at later stage to go to WiFi) But my question is how do I accept and log this data on the PC side now? Will I have to write some code or is the software for my application? Thanks
  6. Hi Zeke Indeed it seems like a mountain before me.... How much time do you have to solve this? - I have 9 weeks to do everything with documentation, demonstration etc (Program, Learn software etc) Do you have any team mates to help out? - Nope this is all individual projects Thank you for all the guidance in planning out this project. I would really love to accomplish this task, I am just affraid that my time will be to little and the learning curve to steap as I have four other subjects that I need to attend to as well. There is a few other projects as well to choose from.
  7. Thanx guys for all the help so far. I have really spend a week just reading and reading and the more I read the more I don't know where to start, but Im really enjoying this because it is so interesting. Cubeberg: I will have a look to see if I can find the RTC libraries. With my data logging they did not specify in which way. It can be over ethernet or any way, just as long as I can log processes and have it available for viewing. As I mentioned, the data logging looks really difficult to me? On the LCD display, that is why I think the Lecturer said serial to reduce pin count. I o
  8. Hi All I have recently joined 43oh and have been literally almost studying this site. I am currently a university student in South-Africa and we have just received our final projects last week. I am completely new to MCU and have very VERY little knowledge about them. We are only starting to study them now, however my final project requires an in-depth understanding. I have done a lot of research on the MSP430G2 Launchpad (as we were supplied with these). My project is described as follows... I must build a stand-alone unit with the following features Must display a real-time
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