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  1. Any luck?? What if you do not use the uart interface of 5529 and bit bang another one, just like you did with 2231...
  2. Thank you very much!!! I am trying to make it work with my MSP430f5529, but some variable names are not the same(obviously). Could you explain these lines for me? #define UART_TXD 0x02 // TXD on P1.1 (Timer0_A.OUT0) #define UART_RXD 0x04 // RXD on P1.2 (Timer0_A.CCI1A) #define UART_TBIT_DIV_2 (16000000 / (9600 * 2)) #define UART_TBIT (16000000 / 9600) All the timer_UART names are wrong(undefined). How do you fix this??
  3. It is the same thing. If you write P3_6 it means 29 in Energia. That is not the problem and did not solve the problem... I am a rookie, i really do not know how to fix it.. Do you know how to do this in CCS????? That would be really great for me if anyone could help me do this in CCS..
  4. I constructed an object of class DS18B20 and gave the pin as a parameter. Do i have to change anything else? After that i change the family code to 0x10h which is the code for DS18S20 sensors. But the program never reaches this point of course...
  5. My cpu speed is 16MHz, and i do not have a logic analyzer, sorry. I am using the three wire mode to wire up the sensor. If the return is 1, does it mean that the device does not pull down the pulse when a reset happens??
  6. Hi, i am using MSP430F5529 launchpad and DS18S20. I am trying to make it work, but search returns 1. So no devices found. I only get this. G'day StellarisOW ret=(1) No more addresses. From array I have checked the connections to make sure they are right. The data pin is connected to pin P3.6 Any help please??
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