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  1. Thanks Bluehash. Now I have a question of using concurrently the HW serial port on MSP2553 (along with Software Serial port): * One for talking to PC * Other for integrating to other MCU/Serial-Device (like GPS receiver) It seems that ports used for RX/TX are linked to PC via USB-driver (P1.1 TXD, P1.2 RXD). Software_Serial uses same ports. Is it possible to remap/change these ports, so that I can have two serial ports (one with PC and other with MCU) simultaneously? regards mahadevan
  2. Bluehash, Your FAT-FS code uses SW-Serial-Port for Rs232 communication. As MSP430G2553 contains serial port, why you have not used HW-Serial-Port-Communication(apart from the reason that being portable for other MSP430 MCUs where no HW serial ports are available)? Thanks & regards mahadevan
  3. Finally I am able to write to SDcard write to an existing file. Two changes were done: * main.c: parser changes to allow write-commands to work * Enabling _USE_LSEEK and _USE_WRITE flags to enable lseek and write in FAT-FS Over next weekend, I will streamline the code and will post the code changes. I was doing following as per Petit-FS docs (and as suggested by Dan): 1. pf_lseek(ofs); 2.1 pf_write(buff, btw, &bw); 2.2 pf_write(buff, btw, &bw); .. 3. pf_write(0, 0, &bw);
  4. Bluehash, I am able to run your code on MSP430G2253 with 512MB FAT16 Transcend Micro-SDCard on Launchpad. I had following niggling issues : * Disconnect J5 jumpers (I have to carefully watch your picture) * Configure Termite to send CR-LF after every entry * Add a change in main.c:get_line to make the for-loop to exit when it recieves '\n' also. Here is my change (in bold-underlined line): static void get_line(char *buff, BYTE len){ ... if (c == '\r' || c == '\n') break; ... } So next trial would be for writing Regards mahadevan
  5. Dan, Thanks for your technical insights. These suggestions are highly helpful for my R&D with Sdcards. I am planning to write to SDCards with SRAM <= 512 bytes. Let me see how much it goes forwar -- this I am doing in my private free time. I may not be doing it really fast as I am busy with other jobs. I will keep you posted about my progress. mahadevan
  6. Dan, Thanks for the reply. It seems that I can use following macro to enable writing in bluehash library. #define _USE_WRITE 1 But it seems that is not possble, as bluehash has commented that no write support yet.
  7. Thanks bluehash! I will use your code for 2553 chip with lanunchpad.
  8. Hi, Does any one ported FAT file system on the Launchpad series MCUs (all value line MCUs whose max SRAm is 512 bytes)? I know FAT sector needs atleast 512 bytes and all of the valueline MCUs has SRAM lesser-or-equal to 512. From App-Note slaa281b.pdf, one can set size of MMC/SDcard block size to 2^n. Did any one give a try with block size < 512 bytes. Or do you see any problems from MMC/SDCard/Fat-FS? Thanks & regards mahadevvan
  9. Hi Gurus, Does doing a project on eZ430-Chronos-watch (Chronos wathc from TI) falls as MSP430 project for this contest -- from TI MCU web-pages, watch's MCU falls under the MSP430 Please confirm. Thanks & regards mahadevan
  10. Thanks for this great forum for good infromation on MSP430. Recently I bought Launchpad and ez-Chronos watch (lucky to get one coupon). I am intending to do data-logging project on ez-chronos. Thanks & regards mahadevan
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