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  1. Hello! I have written line by line updating and done a little refactoring, code is here: https://github.com/wbicu/code-MSP430G2553 So right now I am able to send a picture line by line to the display. It's good but I was wondering how could I make it better - I would like to upload a whole picture at once. I have followed igor's advice and ordered a launchpad with more memory - FR5969. I have expected that I would have to change output pins in code, but there were more errors that I don't know how to resolve. #20 identifier "IFG2" is undefined #20 identifier "P1SEL2" is undefined
  2. Hey greeeg, thank you very much for your reply! It explained me a lot! Right now I am trying to send some image data via bluetooth and display it. My idea is to send bytes in from android app in small time intervals, e.g. every 1/500 second, so that UART buffer in MSP430 can be read and emptied before receiving another byte. Would that work as intended? And what would be the correct way to save input to the char array? My initial idea was to do something like this: int main(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; init(); int i = 0; bool ready = false; for(; { if (read
  3. Hi! I am here with some updates and more questions! 1. I have managed to write an android app with help of this video series: youtube.com/watch?v=OTQHZ16q0Ik and now I am able to send multiple bytes via bluetooth. It still needs some fine tuning, when it's done I will post the code. 2. Images in the original code https://github.com/wbicu/EPD-Extension-Board-v1.11 are const in a separate file (image_data.c), I wanted to move them to my main.c file and for some reason it doesn't work anymore! What I've done is: -delete #includes -move #defines to main.c -copy-paste image data to main(
  4. Hello! The target of my project is to build an E-Ink display controlled via bluetooth (picture uploading, changing displayed picture) using 4.4" E-Ink display http://www.densipaper.com/product/et044as013-mpkit-01 I am not new to programming, but when it comes to microcontrollers I am a complete beginner. So I've decided to try and develop something first with the TI Launchpad and 2.7" display http://www.densipaper.com/product/em027as012-tikit-01 and then port it to a bigger one. So far, I have written my own android app using MIT app inventor 2 and I am able to send single bytes vi
  5. I'm a computer science student from Poland, working with my friend on MSP430 controlled Densipaper E-Ink display. I will be posting our progress in this forum! Hello everyone!
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