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  1. Much to my excitement, I put the SD_TM4C library into the MSP430 libraries and it recognized my SD card connected to my F5529LP without needing any changes! I'm frustrated that I spent so much time working on porting my own library, but it's good to know that I can move onward. One thing I did notice, line 56 of CardInfo.ino has the parameters switched which causes a failure. It should read if (!card.init(chipSelect, SPI_HALF_SPEED)). Thanks for the help.
  2. Best workaround was to just search "SD_TM4C" in github
  3. Rei, I tried accessing the SD_TM4C repository but Github could not find the page. Any idea why that is? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, I'm basically trying to port over Arduino's SD card library (which utilizes SPI communication) to Energia, and am starting by testing whether I am able to properly initialize the SD card or not. First, I made sure that the Arduino library worked on an AT Mega 2560 and SD card that I have (it did). I then moved on to porting the library for Energia. I changed the pin mapping and the SPI settings to work for the F5529 and so far I can prove with a logic analyzer that the SD initialization function commands the CS, SCLK, MISO, and MOSI SPI lines in the exact same manner for the MSP430 as for the Atmel, byte for byte. Basically, the information coming in to and out of each mircrocontroller is exactly the same so I know that all the SD card information is there for me However, the problem is that the information does not seems to be received by the MSP430 in the same manner as the Atmel and causes the initialization to fail. I think the roots of this issue involve differences between the way the Atmel device DataloggerArduino.zip DataloggerEnergia.zip
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