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  1. Hi forum friends, first of all wanted to tell you that the forum is very helpful and pleasant. I come to you because I am with a project with the launchpad msp430, and I would make the job easier to use the printf tool (), I have seen on this forum the courtesy opossum sharing code for printf, which is very good , but I wanted to get modify for use with UART communication but I could not, and I get errors in the image attached below, I also attached the printf code and test the code used. Les agradesco the help, Greetings and excuse my translations. printf () code #include "stdar
  2. Hello my name is Pablo, good informatic that forum, I fancy comes, now that I'm doing a project for college with msp430 launchpad I hope I can clear my doubts here, greetings from Tucuman, Argentina P / D: Excuse my English is bad: (
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