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  1. Thanks @RogG - that'll help! Sorry, I've gone and amended the post from under you - bad etiquette I guess! The issue I'm facing now is establishing a connection. Incidentally, I'm able to runAsServer and all works perfectly, soI'm comfortable the board is working ok.
  2. I hate having to ask for help - but I'm stumped so here I am cap in hand...! I've spent the best part of 4 days googling, testing, coding, etc. to try to get the example code provided in this post 29 working - posting data to Sparkfun's new simple IoT data collection site: data.sparkfun.com. I've now gone back to the original code as I thought I may have modified more than I should have! Originally the code worked, and posted to the ste correcty. Then it just stopped connecting... to anything. I then setup a quick Python socket server listening on port 50009 - and tested it using
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