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    Freiberg reacted to abecedarian in Energia MSP430F5529 RX Baud Rate Limit?   
    You don't need to worry about software serial anything.
    You should be able to use the hardware serial backchannel (Serial.begin(baudrate)) to talk to the PC- no need to move jumpers.
    And use P6.5 (TXD) and P6.4 (RXD) (Serial1.begin(baudrate)) to talk to the camera.
    They both should support at least 115200 baud so 38400 shouldn't cause any problem with Serial1 talking to the camera.
    Obviously with the appropriate Serial.print(); Serial1.print; et cetera.
    So maybe:

    void setup() {   Serial.begin(115200);   Serial1.begin(38400); }
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    Freiberg reacted to bobnova in Energia MSP430F5529 RX Baud Rate Limit?   
    There we go, that's perfect.
    Serial.whatever for talking to the computer.
    Serial1.whatever for the camera.
    For using software for the computer and hardware for the camera what I was thinking was to remove both jumpers and make jumper wires to attach the softwareSerial ports to the programming section and more jumper wires to attach the HW serial pins to the camera.
    Hardware for both is easier/better, though.
    One thing to note on multiple HW serial things is that at least on the LM4/TM4 launchpad they all have to run at the same baud rate.
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