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  1. Thank you! Abcedarian's and bobnova's advice worked (and thanks too to spirilis and Rickata59 - I know you said the same thing, I just didn't know how to use it). I'm communicating perfectly with the camera now, and don't have to worry about SoftwareSerial. I'll note that I had to use 3.3 for TX and 3.4 for RX, but aside from that it worked without a hitch.
  2. Ok, this sounds silly, but how do you use softwareSerial to communicate with the computer and hardware serial to not communicate with the computer? I know that you have to turn the RXD and TXD jumpers 90 degrees, but besides that I'm not sure how to define the serial inputs and outputs.
  3. I'm trying to connect to a camera (Adafruit's VC0706) via SoftwareSerial to a MSP430F5529, and the camera is only able to transmit and receive at 38400 baud. The board is able to transmit at 38400 successfully and receives a datastream back from the camera at 38400, but it is only displayed as gibberish on Energia's serial monitor. I know the camera isn't transmitting gibberish because it gives an identical signal to an Arduino, which displays it correctly, but I'm not sure what else to do. I saw on this forum that different boards sometimes have limits to the baud rates they can interpret,
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