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  1. rtpburnsville

    Products using MSP430

    A recently purchased Electro-Harmonix volume pedal for musicians contains a MSP430. It's part of thier EHX next-step effects line. They have a couple other foot pedals that may or may not use a MSP part as well. Robert
  2. rtpburnsville

    [Energia Library] MSTimer2

    Thanks for sharing the timer routine. I have been needing this feature for some time and your library works great on my 2553 board. Robert
  3. rtpburnsville

    energia no unused fet error, ubuntu 14.04

    Hi, I was getting this same error today, but on a Windows 7 setup. I found that if I uploaded the code to the board and then opened a serial monitor window things would work. However, if I used the selection to upload and open a monitor at the same time the error would almost always appear. Robert