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    Design is finished and sent to the fab! It's now been christened as "BoosterBot".

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    Since I am working on the Robotics Boosterpack with @@HylianSavior and @@jwp071, I decided to make a prototype with the box LaunchPad comes with. I've used Firmata to send command to LaunchPad. Check out my other post here. 

    A quick overview of what's inside.
    - G2 LaunchPad Box 
    - MSP430F5529LP
    - Fuel Tank Boosterpack
    - DRV8833 Motor Drive Control
    - HC-06 Bluetooth
    - Pololu Gear Motor
    - Caps, wires, breadboard
    - Firmata over serial (enabled by Bluetooth)
    - Energia Library on LP
    - NodeJS on PC
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