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  1. spirilis, Thanks for your feedback, currently I follow the Rickta59's recommandation and I am using an external server supplying the image files. The TM4C129 platform provides only the html pages from an SD card and the performance are much higher and stable.
  2. Thanks everyone for your comment, and please find latest results based on your suggestions. @@spirilis, increasing MAX_CLIENTS 8 to value 16 didn
  3. Dear oh43 users, I am facing trouble on an application providing on a webserver serving html documents and images from a SD card and running on a EK-TM4C1294XL platform. Currently, I am bypassing the SD card storage and all the binary and html code are embedded in the source code. The configuration is now quite simple, where the webserver is supplying an index.htm page and several jpeg images referred in this page. For this this test purpose, and in order to increase the network traffic several jpeg image filenames are specified in the source code like tiger1.jpg, tiger.jpg, etc (
  4. Hello spirilis, WAOOH !!! Many thanks for your very fast and accurate answer. Using your new release of EthernetClient.cpp and the above modification related to the client.write, right now the system is working perfectly and the image display is fast as expected. An other time, thanks a lot for your help. Best regards Guy
  5. Hello, I am new on Energia and I am trying to setup a webserver with html pages and images stored on a SD card. The board is the TIVA C EK-TM4C1294XL and the Energia release 0101E0012. The setup was running pretty well with simple pages. However when using larger image (jpeg) files with a size like 20 kB, only an empty box is showed on the client browser. In order to separate the reading flow from the SD and the writing operation to the Ethernet client, I am done a test program using a jpeg file stored into an array of char. Doing a loop which writes each byte from the array and to th
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