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  1. Thanks for the pointer rampadc, I made sure it was installed and I was able to use the documentation for it to include it in my project. However, which drivelib do I use for the msp430g2203? msp430f5xx_6xx, msp430fr2xx_4xx, msp430fr5xx_6xx..... Also I could not find the uart.h file anywhere in the msp430ware folder. I was able to find usci_uart.h, is that the same as uart.h? Thanks for any help in advance, sorry if these are very trivial questions
  2. Hello, I have a small remote based on the MSP430G2203 that i'm trying to clean and build but i'm getting missing driverlib and uart header files. what compiler do i use to include these? i'm using Code Composer Studio 6.01 and TI compiler 4.3.3 I have attached the project zip file below. Remote.zip
  3. A job doesn't mean a full time salary paying job. It could mean a one time small project programming task (probably true for most posts). Requiring a fee is out of a forums scope, you will have to handle double transactions and fee, which nobody wants. Just have a classified section with a pinned post as a disclaimer leaving you with no responsibilty and leave it up to the members to sort things out. Perhaps members would want to do trades or work things out differently than traditional payment for programming services. best regards sam
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