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  1. @Thorvard, thanks for the reply

    I was able to capture the mDNS packet from CC3000 @ F5529  at Wireshark without changing the pin. Now after changing the pin in the sketch, the result is still the same - mDNS packet from CC3000 is seen in Wireshark but not in the  mDNS Watch app. Although I see my Apple devices in the  mDNS Watch app. 


    I haven't updated the fw_patch.h (don't have one for F5529). The naming is not really an issue for me. But the page http://<ip_address>/config.html loads very slowly


    Any thoughts?

  2. I am using MSP430F5529 LP with CC3000 boosterpack, Energia v12.  My goal is to make the F5529LP device mdns discoverable so the mDNS Watch app can find it.


    Using example sketch 'SimpleWebServer',  I have added below line after the wireless connection is established. But the mDNS Watch app can't find the F5529 device (the app can find other BonJour devices)



    void loop() {

    int ret=0;
    ret=mdnsAdvertiser(1, "CC3000", 6);
    Serial.println("MDNS Advertizing returning!");




    I see that the mdnsAdvertiser call is returning -67 or 189. But it should return 1 or 0 right? Wondering if I am missing any driver/firmware setup. 

    Also I tried Wireshark and used the display filter "dns and udp.port eq 5353" but Wireshark is not showing anything with the filter. 


    Please suggest. 

  3. @Thorvard Thanks for sharing. 

    What do you mean by "...after changing the Boosterpackpins"?

    I am using F5529 LP with CC3000 boosterpack, Energia v12.


    Do I need any firmware upgrade? My goal is to make the F5529LP device mdns discoverable so the mDNS Watch app could find it.


    I tried adding mdnsAdvertiser(1, "CC3000", 6); in the SimpleWebServer example but doesn't work.


    Please suggest.

  4. Hi,

    I am having difficulty configuring CC3000 boosterpack with MSP430F5529LP. I did this successfully with MSP430G2 board earlier following the tutorial. So wondering if there is any such tutorial for MSP430F5529LP.

    I followed below steps, but I don't see the board version number or CC3000 IP address in the hyperterminal. Can anyone please help?


    1. Take the out of the box MSP430F5529LP launchpad board (no jumper changes).

    2. Get the patch programmer V1.11 loaded for MSP430F5529LP from here

    3. Get the CC3000 SDK V1.12 (latest) to get Basic WiFi Application for MSP430F5529. Modify that to reflect MSP430F5529LP changes as mentioned here. And flash it to the MSP430F5529LP evaluation board. 

    4. Did the hyperterminal setup according to the example

    5. Pressed reset button S3 (not S1 as in MSP430G2). 

    Nothing shows up in the hyper terminal. If everything were correct, it is supposed to show the version number. I also tried typing '01' in the terminal, but it doesn't lead me towards smartconfig & can't get the IP address.


    Can anyone please help?

  5. Hi,

    I am following this video to create a simple web server on MSP430F5529LP with CC3000 Boost, with Energia version 11.


    The output of the serial monitor is attached. 


    When I access the server IP ( from the browser, the page doesn't load. 


    The boost IP doesn't seem legit. Look at the attached output and you will see the gateway is but actually the gateway is (got from cmd prompt ipconfig result).


    Similarly, the boost IP should be, not Tried both in the browser but none works.


    It seems like my CC3000 Boost is not properly configured. 


    Can anyone please suggest?



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