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  1. and... to have it permanently in Sinclair mode at turn on?
  2. I just received the kit, and rush to build it... IT WORKED at the first turn on! GREAT! Since I bought it to "revive" in some way the old glorious Sinclair Scientific calculator, I would like to have it at the first ! So the question is: is it possible to turn it on and have it DIRECTLY in "Sinclair" mode? It would be GREAT for me.... Is there any keyboard/key combination to turn it on in this mode? BTW, here is a shot of the built kit :
  3. I just paid the kit, for 1 calc; added also a few bucks, just to be sure. If it's more than needed, pls keep them as a donation. Also I do need a flashed chipMSP430G2452. Hope I could see the kit ASAP!!!
  4. Hi! I would like to know if I'm still in "hold", waiting a call for a kit of this calculator.... What I really need could be: - pcb - acrylic case (if available) - processor (1 pcs) - bubble displays (2 pcs) - int'l shipping to Italy If those are still available to me, please let me know where to send money to buy it. Thanks Mario
  5. Nice enclosures, only drawback are the keys, since there are no pushbutton caps I think it's a bit hard to have a reliable key / key marking alignement together with a good feel of the pressed key... One should foresee the exact key height and have a very precise keytop aligned with it. Also the bubble display should be well aligned with the (eventual) hole over it. I was thinking to replace the cover lid (without removing the grey stuff) with a very dark PURPLE semi-trasparent polyester layer already with markings printed in it. I.e. the one used on industrial panels. Those fantastic
  6. Ok, so add me too, please: bluehash---------------1---------US cubeberg---------------2---------US GeekDoc----------------2---------US Greeeg-----------------1---------AUS Swampdonkeykami--------2---------CA SergioDeNice-----------1---------FR 2lostkiwis-------------2---------NZ distefanom-------------1---------ITA
  7. I would like to have ONE (1) complete kit... How can I have it? I live in Italy, and I would like to know the complete price with S&H included!. Please let me know, also if you have in mind to add a case for it! It's a FANTASTIC design! M :-) p.s. maybe a programmed chip, a bare pcb and 2 bubble displays, would be the same as having the complete "kit"; the remaining items can ne found here easily! Please let me know
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