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  1. Thanks again for your help RobG. All is right with the world. Will your LCD Booster Pack work with the Anaren boosterPack minus a launch pad to make a small hand held rf remote with display?
  2. RobG, Think I answered my own question and came up with a few more. I am using the CC110L Booster Pack. Is the #define HARDWARE 2500 // CC2500 BoosterPack SPI1 G2553 LP statement correct in this case? Also, I assume that I can use the other available frequencies with appropriate code modifications. Thanks again for your help. Dan UPDATE: some trial and error shows that the #define HARDWARE 915 // Anaren (915MHz) G2553 LP is the correct define statement for my hardware. Was able to transmit and receive from either setup. Thanks for the code. It appears to be
  3. Thanks RobG! When you say to comment out one of the following lines, do you mean to say un-comment the line that applies to my hardware? //#define HARDWARE 2500 // CC2500 BoosterPack SPI1 G2553 LP //#define HARDWARE 915 // Anaren (915MHz) G2553 LP //#define HARDWARE 4302500 // EZ430-RF2500
  4. Hello, This thread hasn't been updated in a while so I hope some of you are still out there. First thanks to all of the contributors so far. This is a topic for which there is very little information available. I have two identical launchpad setups, system A and B, running the Lars code with each board attached to a separate laptop. Both laptops are running CCS. I use CSS to monitor the Tx and Rx buffers to confirm transmissions and receptions. The only modifications I made to the Lars code was to add lines to increment one of the Tx characters (with each transmit) so that I could c
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