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  1. Here is a EE Times article on the MSP432: http://www.eetimes.com/document.asp?doc_id=1326109&page_number=1 Regards, Todd Anderson
  2. Trey: I did make a purchase of the USB stick for F28069, and it is very nice. But you are right - it would be nice to have that as a launchpad. BTW, the MSP430-based launchpads are very nice - low end, high end (USB - F5529), and "ultra low power" Wolverine, and now a 4th launchpad. Any way you can talk TI into creating another C2000 launchpad that goes a step above the F28027? Regards, Todd Anderson
  3. I have been trying to create a project using TI-RTOS under IAR Tools, to no avail. Here is my latest error - does anyone know how to fix this? (No, I cannot go to CCS, because the company uses IAR.) Building configuration: TiRtos - Debug Updating build tree... Performing Pre-Build Action Error while running "c:/ti/xdctools_3_30_01_25/xs" --xdcpath="c:/ti/tirtos_msp430_2_00_01_23/packages;c:/ti/tirtos_msp430_2_00_01_23/products/uia_2_00_00_28/packages;;c:/ti/tirtos_msp430_2_00_01_23/products/bios_6_40_01_15/packages;" iar.tools.configuro -c "c:\Program Files (x86)\IAR Systems\Embedded Work
  4. I ran Code Rocket against one of my larger functions as a test - it did well, creating a set of flowcharts that printed on 40 pages, and ended up as a 4-page wide by 10-page high flowchart! The pseudocode option allowed me to compress this to 6 pages. I suggest that anyone who wants to create automatic flowcharts or automatic pseudocode should at least try the 30-day free option. Regards, Todd Anderson
  5. Sorry - no idea what error 404 referred to - the "Code Rocket for Eclipse 2.0" was not meant to be "clickable." It was merely a reference to the plug-in. Regards, Todd Anderson
  6. All: Does anyone have experience with the Code Rocket Eclipse plug-in that they can share? (Code Rocket for Eclipse 2.00) So far, I am very impressed with the trial version that I am using. Regards, Todd Anderson
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