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  1. Forgive if this is a naive question.  I don't want to trample down a hw/sw path that does not work.


    Can someone please tell me if indeed it is possible with Launchpad MSP430g2553 w/ Energia (then XCodeEmbedded+ on top of that) to write a .ino sketch that does I2C in the same way it works on an Arduino Uno w/o Energia? i.e.:

    #include <Wire.h>


    void setup() {


         Wire.requestFrom(ADDRESS, 2);  //assume ADDRESS is defined



    if so, it seems there are difficulties in getting this interface to work.  Is there a list of difficulties with suggestions on resolutions (say a FAQ) for this?


    thank you.

  2. I am using embedXCode+ on a Launchpad MSP430



    I am trying to use arduino-menusystem:  https://github.com/jonblack/arduino-menusystem. The MenuSystem.cpp uses realloc(). While this works fine if the board is Arduino Uno, I get a "not declared in this scope" when building for the Launchpad.


    Is there a better dynamic memory allocation routine to use when writing for the Arduino IDE? OR advice on how to fix this? (thank you)

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