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  1. Thanks a lot for your help and spending your time in this. I downloaded the blink_msp430_ccrf.zip, but I can't see the CCS v6 gdb bootloader project to download it... is it in other place, I searched in github but I didn't find it or am I missing something? I modified the pins.h of panstamp to match with the pins.h of the wizzimote. The reason that I'm not directly using tilib is that I was not able in Arduino 1.5 . I should have configured wronly platform.txt, but don't know how to do it properly. In addition the gdb-bootloading you propose will let me work with the uart-usb cable,
  2. I have a Wizzimote (http://www.wizzilab.com/shop/wizzimote/) that includes a TI CC430F5137 and works at 433MHz I
  3. Hello I will like to work with the wizzimote board (433MHz), based ona CC430. In fact I would like to use panstamp code. I can
  4. Thank you, it was very helpful. Now I can see panstamp board. Thanks for the info about the programmer, I'd try to make it work. Reading this also helps http://energia.nu/Guide_Environment.html#thirdpartyhardware
  5. I have downloaded Energia for Windows. I want to program a board with a CC430, which is not officially supported by Energia. But the code is available in github: https://github.com/energia/Energia/tree/panstamp The code was developed for panStamp NRG board which is based on a CC430. I downloaded the code in my PC, and also the latest version of Energia for Windows. I don
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