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  1. It is almost done, the only problem is that some times when I turn on the project, everything works, but the motor including the led wich turns on when any button is read. Then if I change the position of the switch in the pin switch that is a sensor of locked/unlocked door, the motor starts working when requested. Does anybody has an idea that what can be happening?
  2. I think you know much more than me about this, but my code is working and the msp is receiving the correct password. So I think I'll let this the way it is. If I have more problems, I'll read more about this, because at energia's web page there are no details. Thank you a lot
  3. Sometimes it works right and sometimes the motor only works if I change the lock/unlock sensor. And now the code is like this: I made a function (trancad) to read just the button *, to lock the door from outside if it is unlocked, and I add more conditions to read the keypad, now the keypad only can be read if the door is locked, except the button * as I said. "if (digitalRead(C2) == LOW && digitalRead(status) == LOW || digitalRead(C0) == LOW && digitalRead(status) == LOW || digitalRead(C1) == LOW && digitalRead(status) == LOW)" /*Controle Porta do Quarto 3.0*
  4. Im still working and I solved the problem of my last post, I think the only thing I need now is to be able to read the button '*' when the dor is unlocked, to lock it. The code I am using is commented in portuguese, you may not understand. /*Controle Porta do Quarto 3.0*/ /* teclado: S
  5. I am doing tests in my code, and now I have noticed a problem, when I turn on the launch pad, it recognizes the status (lock or unlock), but the motor doesn't work. Then if I change the status once, It start working ok.
  6. I think I fixed this (but I am still testing) I created an enable pin, that is the same wich enables the L293D const int enable = 19; pinMode(enable, OUTPUT); so, every time the motor works, I put (enable, HIGH) and after the work I put it LOW (enable, LOW) like that: digitalWrite(enable, HIGH); // enable the motor to work digitalWrite(Lock, LOW); // turn on the motor delay (500); digitalWrite(Lock, HIGH);// turn off the motor digitalWrite(enable, LOW); // disable the motor to work and I put a pull down resitor like this: msp pin 19 ----+---- L293D pin 1
  7. abecedarian I also didnt understand the pin lockEnable, I think its is not necessary because I can "tell" the motor to not spin through the pin lock and unlock.
  8. abecedarian I think I cant put a pull down resitor ai pin 1 of L293D, because its the enable pin. That is really what you ment?
  9. First of all a question, I just have to change the jumpers J3 connections if I use serial communication right? Hello, I've a project where the msp430g2553 makes an access control by password. The launch pad receives a password from a matrix keypad, and turns on a motor to lock the door, or to lock the door if a button is pressed from inside the "room" The project works fine, but sometimes the dc motor doesn't stop working, and it is happening randomly. can somebody help me? sorry for my terrible english the code and a circuit layout: /*lock door control*//* matrix keypad: S
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