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  1. @@vinicius.jlantunes, please look into http://platformio.org and integration with Visual Studio http://docs.platformio.org/en/latest/ide/visualstudio.html
  2. Try one of: DHT11 by Bryce Feigum Adafruit-DHT by Adafruit Industries The full list with DHT Libraries
  3. These editors will be used only for syntax highlighting, "live" code checking, step-by-step debugging, code completion. You have no need to setup builder, compiler... all this job PlatformIO will perform. It has built-in source code builder which can automatically analyse dependency and reliably detect build changes. It doesn't indecent on any editors, IDE or even operations systems. Only on Python Interpreter. Many of these editors support "make" type projects where you organise your hotkeys with predefined targets. In Sublime Text you can define direct build command like "platformio run
  4. @@Rei Vilo, thanks for your job and project! I saw it earlier. It's a great example how to extend XCode But... PlatformIO should be really _platform_ tool. It should work with different development platforms and with different operation systems. Also, it shouldn't depend on other soft and user shouldn't bother to install something(like, Arduino or Energia IDE, or gcc-arm-toolchain...). Only 4 magic commands in the terminal for starting: # 1. install PlatformIO (see "Super-Quick" section in the README) $ python get-platformio.py # 2. install pre-built platforms for different OS $ plat
  5. @@igor, it is similar for me. I also don't like huge monsters like Eclipse and etc., I prefer to work with VIM (with great compilation and syntax check). As a result, I have simple fake Makefile for the project (like this) and PlatformIO performs all the dirty job for me Can you try PlatformIO? What is a type of your OS?
  6. @@bluehash, thanks for answers. Of course, I understand that this idea isn't useful for professionals or people that work with a single project that was based on specific device. Because these people can configure and setup all instruments without problems. As for me, I'm not big guru in embedded field because it's only my hobby. Sound funny, but I'm web-dev in the past and in the soul As for PlatfromIO, this isn't commercial project or some type of ads. It was a small idea which was born from the SmartAnthill Project. PlatformIO will be useful for SACC (SmartAnthill Cloud Compiler).
  7. Try "tilib" driver for mspdebug under Windows: $ mspdebug tilib And example how to flash firmware: $ mspdebug tilib --force-reset "prog /path/to/your/firmware.hex"
  8. I'm currently working on cross platform build tool named PlatformIO. It has pre-built MSP430 GCC toolchain & mspdebug for Mac, Linux 32/64 & Windows OS. 1. How often do you use external standalone toolchain to build your code? In which case? 2. What is your favourite IDE+Toolchain? 3. What would you like to have in paltformio tool? Thanks a lot for answers! P.S: The main idea of this tool is to compile code with different platforms. See Wiring Framework (Arduino + Energia) Blink Example.
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