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  1. Sorry but I2C Library of this project has written for MSP430x2xx only.If you want use it for other MSP430 MCU ,you must redefine some registers of I2C module.MSP430x2xx has different I2C registers Regard
  2. MPU6050 are accelerometer and gyroscope sensor , cheap and very useful.But there aren't a lot of library codes available for MSP430.Here is the library,include initialing and reading MPU6050.I had convert this library from AVR's library. Use for : MSP430x2xx ,other MSP430 must redefine some register of I2C Module or rewrite "I2C_USCI.h" function Link Download: Code MSP430 and MPU6050 I2C_USCI Library use for MPU6050 Library: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // LIBRARY CONTROL I2C USCI MODULE // Write by : PHAM VAN THUAN DTVT07-K55 // Email: terran
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