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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to make a communication between TM4C129 Connected Launchpad and TM4C123 Launchpad (or Arduino UNO) via I2C ports. 1.5K pull-up resisters are added to both SCL and SDA. Connected both grounds. I have the salver_sender example code loaded to the Connect Launchpad and the master_reader example code to Arduino UNO. The Arduino UNO got some weird characters yyyyyy from the Connect Launchpad and the loop stuck on Wire.requestForm() every time. Arduino gets these yyyyyy only if I pushed the reset button on the Connected Launchpad or disconnect the SCL and SDA to make the l
  2. Do you think this library will works with connected launchpad TM4C129XL? and where are these pins located? thanks
  3. I see, thanks one more question. From the energia pin layout, it has SPI(1), SPI(2), SPI(3), and SPI(5). so where are the pins for SPI(4)??
  4. Hi folks, Does any one know which pins of the Connected Launchpad are using for the ethernet port? Based on the pin layout that provided by energia I could guess the ethernet is using SPI(4) but I want to know exactly where are these pins located. Thanks if you can give me some ideas http://energia.nu/Guide_ConnectedLaunchPad.html
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