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    dizzwold reacted to bobnova in Bread Board & wishful thinking   
    PC SATA power connectors for power, routed to marked power rails for 3v3, 5v, 12v, ideally with PTC fuses inline for overcurrent protection.
    Better, tighter, connections.
    FTDI would be nice.
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    dizzwold reacted to pine in Bread Board & wishful thinking   
    LED's for each line of connections, lights up when there that bank of line is high voltage, like those on network routers and switches.
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    dizzwold reacted to abecedarian in Bread Board & wishful thinking   
    Maybe a breadboard MFG that has software to help take the BB wiring to final product.
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    Integrated logic analyzer and basic scope that let's you look at the row-signals via USB connected PC.
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    Something with good connections at a price that doesn't break the bank.
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    If you are on Windows then the case of the letters does not matter since the windows file system is case insensitive. Linux and Mac however have filesystems that are case sensitive.
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