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  1. What would you ask of a Bread Board, other then 'better, tighter connections'? FTDI? USB in/out? What would be your dream development 'Bread Board'?
  2. Hi Robert. Can I pm you? If so how? Dizzwold.
  3. That's worth knowing, but also interesting as I'm a mac user. I've not changed the case of the letters, kept them as they where, just followed you advise and changed <> to "", and it compiles? I had change the case of the letters in many places, in the sketches and file titles, but as this all failed, I didn't save the changes and kept them as the original sketch / file. I have noticed though with Arduino IDE that this dose seem to apply, but again with these sketches and file names it compiled first time, no issue. Odd! I'll try to keep this post up-dated, but at the moment I'm wait
  4. Robert, with regards to the code change, and that I don't have a grate knowledge of code, I had looked at that, but thought the problem was with the uppercase letters, so had changed them to lowercase and file names etc. So I was in the right place, but looking into it the wrong way. At least I've learnt something! Dizzwold.
  5. Hi guy's. Thanks Robert. That did the trick. Nice1 Also thanks to spirilis and zlalanne for your input. Cheers guy's Thank you.
  6. I've tried as you suggested but now get the following errors; as3935.cpp.o: In function `parseCommand()': /Applications/Striker.ino:581: undefined reference to `as3935_addr' /Applications/Striker.ino:590: undefined reference to `as3935_addr' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status Now listed as; /Users/myname/Documents/Energia/Libraries/as3935/
  7. Hi. Thanks for the reply. sorry forgot to state, I'm on a mac, but yeh, all source files are in the folder. /Users/myname/Documents/Energia/Libraries/as3935/Striker Thats what I don't get. I have a separate library for Energia and 1 for Arduino. All very odd?
  8. Hi. I'm a newbie to Energia. I have a code Written by Skye Sweeney for Lightning Detection on the Arduino. When used with the Arduino it compiles fine, but with Energia I get the following errors?; I2cMaster.ino:21:23: fatal error: I2cMaster.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. www.github.com/skyesweeney/striker Any Ideas?
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