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  1. Hi, PCB are here! looking awesome, as intended. Right now i need to buy some passive elements, solder paste and flux for BGA sensor. Here are some pictures of raw PCB. Sorry for lame quality , I photographed them using my webcam. I expect to assemble first prototype till the end of October. Small PCB, Main PCB , Bottom Main PCB with small one,Bottom view (Intended construction) Main PCB with Small one, Top view.
  2. Yeah, metals and especially shiny ones will not work with it. Brushed or coated metal containers should work. But to be honest a metal cup users are pretty rare:)
  3. In fact cold beer gets only worse while getting warm. That is why the coaster will notify you, when your beer reaches critical temperature (16
  4. Hi, Thanks for the article on the frontpage! Yes, the buzzer is new addition, since i have to inform the user his drink is at optimal temperature. PS The energy harvesting feature was only present on the first prototype, later I decided against it, since it will raise self costs and demand more complicated design;)
  5. Hi there:) Finally the PCB's are finished and ordered The coaster consists of two PCB: 1: Main PCB (5 cm x 5cm) with 3 Touch buttons on Top and electronics on Bottom. The Plexiglas covering will be glued directly on top of it. 2: Secondary PCB (1.7 cm x 1.3 cm) will carry the TMP006-sensor and WS2812 LED. It is mounted on the bottom of the Main PCB. In this way i am able to place the LED and sensor directly under the plexiglas. I noticed that if the battery voltage drops under 2,6-2,7 V the blue LED doesn't work. That is why i added Ti TLV61224 booster (yey , i love Tex
  6. Thanks. I had a problem, that touch buttons didnt function as intended with battery . But I solved it:)
  7. Hi, for those, who think the project is dead: no it isn't! I just had my exams, but the development goes on;) Here is the current progress: I hooked everything together, programmed communication between TMP006- Sensor and WS2812-LED. Right now everything is working as intended;) The next step is designing the PCB and i am working on it right now;) The system consumes about 0.4-0.5
  8. Hi, I doubt I can reduce current consumption, according to the datasheet, the current in LPM3 is about 0,7
  9. Hi, just a small update on this project:) 1. I managed to reduce power consumption from 220
  10. In fact I was trying to use peltier-element element to harvest energy at the beginning. But the problem is to establish a good thermal contact between a cup and Peltier. it came out that all cups and plates have different shapes (if you look closely most cups have special shape on the bottom, to REDUCE thermal contact with a surface:)), and it is impossible to make one perfect surface for all of them. And dont forget with peltier you could only harvest energy from hot drinks, but what about beer?=) After few tries with different shapes made of potting clay I decided to switch to solar e
  11. Hi, I study NanoEngineering in Germany and enjoing hardwaredesign and prohrtamming:) I have some experience with FPGA and done some video tutorials here: https://www.youtube.com/user/AntoniusSimplus/videos Right now i am exploring the world of
  12. Hi, This is my first "serious" project. I want to build a coaster, which will measure the temperature of your cup (be it hot tea , cold beer or even fresh hot soup;) ) and notify you when it reaches you favourite value. You know how it happens, you place fresh cup of tea near your Leptop or TV and because it is too hot to drink right away you want to wait few minutes. But the internet or movie are so interesting that you compltely forgot about your drink. After you remember it is already too cold. And drinking warm tea or kakao is just disgusting:) Sometimes there is THE perfe
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