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    Hassanul reacted to spirilis in Problem with analogRead()   
    Are you sure adafruit's directions (and formula) are accurate for the LaunchPad? Keep in mind the Wolverine's max ADC voltage is 3.3V (Vcc) and it's a 12-bit ADC if I'm not mistaken. The fact that other pins report the same results makes me skeptical of the formula.
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    Hassanul reacted to chicken in Displaying .c Images Using Energia Sharp LCD BoosterPack Library   
    Here you go @@Hassanul, I added a simple method to my Energia library that allows to display images like the TI logo.
    // display TI logo for 2 seconds display.bitmap(pixel_ti_logo, 96, 96, 0); delay(2000);
    and yes, my SHARP display is literally catching dust []
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