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  1. And three years later... It stopped being a solution. I give up. I'll donate my black 432 boards to someone in the club who wants to keep trying, but I will stick with the MSP430 boards which still work with my new PC, albeit more reliably if I use an old USB 2.0 splitter.
  2. More than a year later... It worked for a while, it was working yesterday, but then suddenly, with no system updates or reboots, Energia started with the false errors like not connected, etc. Same thing with a fresh install on another Windows 10 machine; it doesn't work for 430 or Stellaris. So I hauled out an old MacBook and no problems! I'm tired of fighting with Microsoft esoterica; I'll use a Mac or Linux for developing on TI products from now on. (I could also learn TI's own development tools but I've been seduced by the Arduino world where there is a library for every sensor o
  3. Thanke, that is helpful. Your example is one that I have also seen. I will take a look at MS policies.
  4. Has anyone else experienced something like this? I have been using Energia on Windows for years on various LaunchPads, including 430, 432, and Stellaris (now Tiva). The Windows 10 PCs are a Surface Pro 3, a Toshiba Satellite, and an HP Pavilion. Over the last few months, builds and uploads fail in multiple ways unpredictably. The Serial Monitor often doesn't work, even when the TX pin has the correct signal (verified with an oscilloscope decoder). Often the fix is simply to click the Upload button over and over until it works. I've changed to shorter USB cables and switched from USB
  5. Thank you, Robert! That worked. (And thank you for the suggestion, Fmilburn, but older versions also had the black board removed. I even tried and failed with a manual setup on a PC that I kept offline.)
  6. Tonight when I started up Energia on two different PCs, the black 432 board was gone. I realize this was a pre-production board, and that TI has the right to pull support for anything at any time without notice, but this was an inconvenient time. My robot with this board was to compete in a contest on Oct. 13. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Is there any workaround?
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