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    Diodoman reacted to OzGrant in I2C scanner for 2553 & 5529   
    Still getting nowhere with the I2C scan address finder. So had a look at my working  I2C RTC (uses a PCF 8563) sketch.
    After editing the 
        i =   Wire.endTransmissio() 
    found that it always returns a zero regardless of the I2C address in Wire.beginTransmission(I2C address).
    After editing Wire.cpp in energia-0101E0012\hardware\Msp430\cores\Msp430 found it made no difference, in fact could renamed the file to WireXX.cpp and could still compile the sketch OK??. Also searched the hard drive for other Wire.cpp's and only found the arduino one in the arduino area.
    Also found that when I try to add the Wire library by using the Energia drop down menu (sketch\Inport Library) I can select Wire but instead of  the #include <Wire.h> put in the sketch, I get a blank line inserted?
    I no longer need the scan sketch to work as I have found all the address via datasheets, but would like to understand why the sketch works OK with an arduino lib but fails with a core energia lib
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    Diodoman reacted to Mr.Cruz in Robotics BoosterPack   
    Pictures? Pictures!
    (Yes, I'm to lazy to upload them to the forum...)
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