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  1. I was finally able to figure out how to do this... it was pretty easy... I've started with the G2553 demo board and setup the device for software UART. It's working great. There is an example in MSP430ware that shows how to bit-bang the data out of the chip (msp430g2xx3_ta_uart9600.c). Once I modified the code for my use I was getting the TX out of the G2553 'UART RX' pin. Only took me a few hours once I figured out what I needed to do. The downside is that it takes another timer... or two depending on if you want TX / RX or both. I plan to port my code over to the FR5969 demo boar
  2. I think this is what I'm missing, but I don't quite understand what it's saying... from the EXP430G2 user's guide: "The application UART, on the other hand, is connected directly to the LaunchPad target device, and jumper J3 can be closed to monitor the transmission from the LaunchPad target to the attached eZ430. This way both possible connections, from the device to the PC and from the device to the eZ430, can be established without changing the direction of the UART pins"
  3. Thanks greeeg for the reply. That's what I was afraid of. Something still doesn't make sense though... can you have two devices on the SBW programing interface? The eval board doesn't have a good way to isolate the RF2500 from the FR5969... not that I can see. Another idea I had... Is there a way to get the EzFET in a loopback mode so that I can communicate indirectly through the EzFET? I suppose I could have the computer in the application UART loopback, but that defeats the purpose of my remote connectivity. It also appears that the EXP430G2 has provisions to have the target (G25
  4. I was planning on creating a datalogger with the FR5969 eval kit with the option of using the RF2500 to transmit the data via RF to a computer. The FR5969 does have a eZ430 port that I've soldered the 0.5" header at connector J21. I assumed that the RF and FR5969 would be able to talk to each other directly, but it appears that the TX lines and RX lines on both cards are tied together, not cross connected like I had hoped! Any ideas on how to get the RF chip talking to the FR5969 and vice versa? I did do some google searching and didn't really find anyone that has successfully done this.
  5. Hello, I'm new to embedded design except for the one class I took in college, so please bare with me. I'm not too terribly interested in getting too deep into embedded design at this time, but I would like to get a datalogger going in my electronics lab. Hence my interest in the MSP430 and ControlWare. I'm having difficulty getting Control Ware v1.0.0.0 working. I was wondering if anyone here has actually been able to get it working. I did email the designer (Jaspreet@DTU - a member here) a couple days ago, but have not heard anything back. Here is what I've done: 1) Download
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