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  1. Hello @@greeeg, I have certain changes with the connections and also commented out this line // these didn't like being implemeted in C //__asm__("mov.w %1,%0": "=m" (DMA0SA) :"i" (_buffer)); //__asm__("mov.w %1,%0": "=m" (DMA0DA) :"i" (&USCIB0TX)); So my codes get compiled successfully but still not getting analog display on my LCD display... Please help me out related to it...
  2. Hello @@greeeg, I have made a mistake in my previous post,i do not want to interface sharp oled with msp board but I have to interface Sharp LCD BOOSTERPACK(http://www.ti.com/tool/430boost-sharp96) with msp430f5529 board....but since you have made analog watch code for msp430fr5969 board so i wanted to know suitable changes i have to make in your code to get it executed on my msp430f5529...
  3. Hello @@greeeg, I have seen your contribution towards sharp lcd boosterpack..recently i have also purchased new sharp lcd and have my MSP430F5529 board...so i wanted to interface sharp oled with my board..can you please tell me modifications which i have to make in your analog watch code to get it executed on my msp board...
  4. @cubeberg-This is following code #include <stdio.h> #include <msp430.h> int main(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW | WDTHOLD; // Stop watchdog timer int i; P1DIR |=BIT0; P4DIR |=BIT7; printf("Hello World2!\n"); while(1) { printf("%d\n",P1IN); if((P1IN & BIT1) == 0) { P1OUT^=(BIT0); printf("Helloworldvb!\n"); printf("%d",P1DIR);// toggle the led's } for(i=0;i<9999;i++); // delay between the toggle. } return 0; } in which i toggle the led 's on pressing the button...but it couldn't happen with the help
  5. Hello @@RobG, Thanks for your excellent effort towards goldelox library.Last week it works for me.I also wrote some additional functions in c code for various gfx functions,but i could not able to convert 4DGL code for gfx_orbitInit function to C code for microcontroller. Can you please provide me code for this function? Actually i want to implement Clock Face using these functions?
  6. Hi @@spirilis, I am using boostxl-battpack for making my msp430f5529 a stand-alone device and so that i can power it with the help of battery only.. In may code I have made led toggle on pressing the button....it is happening when msp430 is connected with the laptop but when i connected the board with the battery,led is constantly on...Can you suggest to how make process stop when device is powered with battery?
  7. Hi @@RobG i have again gone through the code but the problem is that it is nor receiving correct ACK response after reading from oled 128 G2 due to which it is not performing the necessary actions.
  8. @@RobG please help me out...as i am already spend lot of days on this..but could nt understand where the problem is there....
  9. Hello @@RobG Thank you fr your reply.I have changed your codes fr msp430f5529 but i am facing difficulties frm it...I am attaching my main.c code...Please look through it and suggest me changes in it to make it work with msp430f5529.. main.c
  10. hello @@RobG i wanted to interface uoled 128 G2 with msp430...so can you please tell me which msp430 you are using ? and its connections with uoled 128 g2?
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