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  1. Well I received my dAISY in the post today, and have fired it up. I'm around 5km from the coast, in an office, so poor to no coverage here, but the dAISY is outputting: sync A RSSI=-100dBm error: invalid stuff bit sync A RSSI=-100dBm error: CRC error So, I think everything is working as it should, I just need to get home and set this up in its more permanent home. I'll keep you posted with updates.
  2. Within the next few weeks I should be able to provide an AIS feed covering The Solent in the UK. It's a major shipping route for freight, cruise ships, passenger ferries and military vessels. This will be provided through the USB dAISy. I'll keep you posted.
  3. I think $50 shipped is reasonable for the project in its state, with perhaps a view to a $30-$40 price point when you produce in volume. I would certainly take one from you now at $66 including an antenna, the only caveat is the shipping would be to the UK. I'm happy to wait for a slower postal method if you're still able to include shipping.
  4. So.. dAISy looks like just what I'm looking for. I live within minutes of the sea, and have been looking at a non-sdr way of receiving AIS signals. I know you're toying with making this a commercial product, but whilst this is going on, would you be prepared to provide me with a pre-release version for a suitable 'donation'? I would happily beta test, helping improve the device - the ultimate goal will be to use the AIS feed to know when something interesting is heading out across the Solent, so I can take our little one out to see it sail past (and there's something cool about having the rece
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