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  1. Yeah they are the Pololu gear motors running at 5V. This has very similar specs compared the Robotics Boosterpack we are making.
  2. I just found this video on youtube. It shows creating a web server and toggling pins through the browser. I also got a SimpleLink CC3200 LaunchPad. Maybe it can do the same thing with a more compact form.
  3. I have also created a prototype of this boosterpack using the LaunchPad box as the chassis. Check it out here.
  4. Since I am working on the Robotics Boosterpack with @@HylianSavior and @@jwp071, I decided to make a prototype with the box LaunchPad comes with. I've used Firmata to send command to LaunchPad. Check out my other post here. A quick overview of what's inside. Hardware - G2 LaunchPad Box - MSP430F5529LP - Fuel Tank Boosterpack - DRV8833 Motor Drive Control - HC-06 Bluetooth - Pololu Gear Motor - Caps, wires, breadboard Software - Firmata over serial (enabled by Bluetooth) - Energia Library on LP - NodeJS on PC
  5. @@zlalanne It would be really sweet to have CC3000 for our communication. But I am not exactly sure how to implement the websocket with MSP430. I found this link here and it seems like CC3000 does not support websocket. http://e2e.ti.com/support/wireless_connectivity/f/851/t/280655.aspx. I have been playing with Atom-Shell a bit. It is definitely a neat way to create a polished GUI. I will put out an update when this app is packaged. Thanks for the pointers.
  6. Programming a microcontroller for the first time can be a daunting task. What if you can remotely control your microcontroller by simply clicking few buttons on a PC GUI? With Energia support, I was able to port existing Firmata code used for Arduino onto LaunchPads. Firmata is a serial communication protocol that allows a host (PC) sending commands to the microcontrollers (MSP430). You can use it to toggle pins and LEDs, or read digital and analog inputs without writing any C code. This makes it super easy to test out your new sensor or debug your circuit. Bluetooth simply creates a
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