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  1. Yeah they are the Pololu gear motors running at 5V. This has very similar specs compared the Robotics Boosterpack we are making.
  2. I just found this video on youtube. It shows creating a web server and toggling pins through the browser. I also got a SimpleLink CC3200 LaunchPad. Maybe it can do the same thing with a more compact form.
  3. I have also created a prototype of this boosterpack using the LaunchPad box as the chassis. Check it out here.
  4. Since I am working on the Robotics Boosterpack with @@HylianSavior and @@jwp071, I decided to make a prototype with the box LaunchPad comes with. I've used Firmata to send command to LaunchPad. Check out my other post here. A quick overview of what's inside. Hardware - G2 LaunchPad Box - MSP430F5529LP - Fuel Tank Boosterpack - DRV8833 Motor Drive Control - HC-06 Bluetooth - Pololu Gear Motor - Caps, wires, breadboard Software - Firmata over serial (enabled by Bluetooth) - Energia Library on LP - NodeJS on PC
  5. @@zlalanne It would be really sweet to have CC3000 for our communication. But I am not exactly sure how to implement the websocket with MSP430. I found this link here and it seems like CC3000 does not support websocket. http://e2e.ti.com/support/wireless_connectivity/f/851/t/280655.aspx. I have been playing with Atom-Shell a bit. It is definitely a neat way to create a polished GUI. I will put out an update when this app is packaged. Thanks for the pointers.
  6. Programming a microcontroller for the first time can be a daunting task. What if you can remotely control your microcontroller by simply clicking few buttons on a PC GUI? With Energia support, I was able to port existing Firmata code used for Arduino onto LaunchPads. Firmata is a serial communication protocol that allows a host (PC) sending commands to the microcontrollers (MSP430). You can use it to toggle pins and LEDs, or read digital and analog inputs without writing any C code. This makes it super easy to test out your new sensor or debug your circuit. Bluetooth simply creates a virtual serial port that emulates a physical serial port wire, so you can control and monitor your board remotely. Here is a demo video: The application GUI is written in NodeJS. The browser is connected to the Node server using web socket. Whenever the user clicks a button, a message is sent to the server and the server will send Firmata commands to the LaunchPad. You can easily expand on top of the demo GUI I created by writing some javascript. Let's say you want to turn on an LED when the temperature is too high. You can let your Node server constantly check the temperature reading. Once it reaches the threshold, then set the LED pin to HIGH. You can find out the source code of my project at my GitHub page: https://github.com/shengzhao91/FirmataGUI
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