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  1. Thanks for the tip. I had to turn off REFON and ENC for it to work. Fixed the Energia code as well.
  2. I decided to compare current usage if I did the same in CCS. My proggy is sleeping all the time in LPM4 drawing 0.1 uA. Then guess what? I hit the interrupt to wake it up, get the internal voltage, go back to LPM4 sleep, and it continues to draw 184 uA. Argh! Same problem! Does my code have the same bug as Energia 12? Below is the main.c #include "msp430g2553.h" volatile float voltage; void main(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; P1OUT &= 0x00; P1DIR &= 0x00; P1DIR |= BIT0; P1REN |= BIT3; P1OUT |= BIT3; P1IE |= BIT3; P1IES |= BIT3; P1IFG &= ~BIT3; _BIS_
  3. Thanks for the response spirilis. Just one clarification. If you stick with DEFAULT, there is no issue. The current drain starts when you select INTERNAL2V5 or 1V5, but doesn't stop when you attempt to go back to DEFAULT. I'm looking forward to the fix in Enegia. @@bobnova, hey I'm doing the same thing. When I noticed that the battery was draining faster than it could charge in diffused lighting, it got my attention. :-)
  4. I've run into an issue with execssive current usage on the Launchpad. My goal is to run a sensor on a battery for at least a year. The initial test was promosing because the launchpad (with J3 jumpers removed of course) was drawing barely a uA in LP3 sleep mode using the sleepSeconds() function in Energia. I was thrilled. Then I figured that I should keep tabs on the battery level. To do this, I had to set analogReference to INTERNAL2V5 and use analogRead(11) to get the value. It works great. Below is a barebones snippet. The problem is that the current usage jumps to 180uA even in LP3 sle
  5. What do I need to do in CCS to get wiznet_debug_printf to write to the console? I see that the program is running and it is attempting to get a DHCP address, but there is no output. The code in wiznet_debug_puts and wiznet_debug_putc does get executed when I step through the code. I'm new to CCS and might have missed a basic config. Thanks.
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