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  1. I've added a demonstration video, hope you'll enjoy !
  2. Thanks guys ! Next thing I will try to improve is adding a slider bar to the app, which will control the outputs' PWM. But first, my finals should end
  3. Hello people, it's my first project in this forum so, yeah, it's kind of a big step for me In this project I would give my special thanks to cubeberg for referencing from his project and for his helps, appreciated It's actually my semester project for Microprocessor Systems class, and the application I will indicate includes my university symbol and my name in it, sorry about that Parts; RC Car with forward, backward, left, right functions, about 9 $. HC-06 Bluetooth module, about 12 $ MSP430G2553 LaunchPad What it does is; I BTCar_with_SR.zip
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