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  1. i have the Rev 1.4 . the usb power supply is not such an issue for me, but the external power supply using the pins is. if i connect a 3v3 + GND to the 3v3 network my device works just fine , but if i supply 5v directly to the 5v pin - nothing happens, the dc-dc doesn't either gets power (which is odd, there is power in the 5v jumper) , or it does get power but doesn't convert (the 3v3 jumper isn't getting power). if i could either connect the device directly to a 5v or insert a 5v supply through USB both will be Okay (preferably directly to the pins). does that require soldering as
  2. when connecting to charger the 5v and the 3v shows nothing (not exactly 0 , around 30 miliVolt). but the ground pins are excatly 0. i have 2 launchped (same module) . both show same result.
  3. hi, i'm a proud owner of a launchpad Msp430F5529, and i'm trying to power it up with an external 5v power supply. if i connect the device to my computer - it works. i connect the 5v network it doesn't work. i connect the 3v3 network to a 3v3 power supply - it works. i connect the launchpad to a galaxy cell-phone charger - still , no work. the 5v , 3v3 ang GND jumpers are connected. when i connect the 5v power supply i measured the voltage on the 3v3 jumper - nothing there. i assume the computer is activating the dc-dc convertor which is not powered when no computer connection
  4. hi, im using the msp430F5529 LP with code composer, 16 maxbotix sonars, and 2 mux, i want to be able to read each one on the damand. the code segment: volatile uint32_t upd1 = 0; // Ultrasonic Pulse Duration (500 ns resolution) volatile uint32_t upd2 = 0; // Ultrasonic Pulse Duration (500 ns resolution) //sensor functions uint32_t ReadSensor4(int num); // Reading from port 2.5 uint32_t ReadSensor5(int num); // Reading from port 2.5 int ChangeSensor(int num); // choose sensor config void initSonar () { P2DIR &=
  5. i'm using the ccs. thx! I'm still learning the device , can you explain the key steps please?
  6. hi , i'm trying to create a PWM signal with period of 15 msec and pulse width the can vary between 1.1 msec and 1.9 msec. (I'm using the Msp430F5529 ) how can i do it? thx in advance.
  7. guybarash

    PWM input

    ok, i've got it running with a few modification in order to meet my specifics . but every once in while i'm getting jibbrish instead of a number(ASCII jibrrish), i've attached the printscreen and the code, you maybe know where is the failure? #include <msp430.h> #include <stdint.h> #include <stdlib.h> //global variables volatile char vmsg[81]; //the gps str volatile unsigned int vi = 0; // counter for the interrupt volatile int vvalid = 0; // vmsg is valid iff vvalid =1 volatile uint32_t upd = 0; // Ultrasonic Pulse Duration (5
  8. guybarash

    PWM input

    hi , I've switched to the MSP430-F5529 and i'm trying to measure a PWM, and i'm having a bit of hard time understanding the registers use, i want to use timer TA2 which has (according to the datasheet) : P2.3/TA2.0 P2.4/TA2.1 P2.5/TA2.2 as i'm getting input i'm guessing that p2dir = 0; what is the p2sel should be? TA1CCR0 ? TA1CCTL0? TA1CCTL1? TA1CTL? and can i have a bit of an explanation about these register function? and to which of these pins shpuld the pwm be connected to? thank you.
  9. that actually is a great idea , could you please elaborate a bit on how can i do it (meaning in hardware) , which jumper do i leave where?
  10. Ok , i had a technical problem , the gps is sending data correctly . but i don't know how to maintain two separate UART comm at the same time. can it be done? (on the msp430G2553 anyway) i'm using the USB UART with the jumpers set to HW. can i keep getting info from the gps while i do it?
  11. hi , i'm not using the Energia , and i'm having a bit of a hard time utilizing that information. also, i'm using the launchpad and not directly to the PC because it's a part of a larger project that will need to process the information and other sensors. i need to extract the coordinates and what additional data i can for both the device i'm building itself and then to the PC for further analysis. the information to the PC is enough to simply present it on the terminal (i'm using the PUTTY on serial comm mode) can i use only the TX of the GPS module? if not what do i have to send in
  12. I'm trying to make a code that is recieve coordinates from the GPS reciever (gp 635T) to the launchpad and via UART to the PC Any help will be vastly appreciated
  13. hi, i'm using the launchpad msp430G2553 and a GP-635T GPS. the GPS connects via UART serial connection but so is the PC connection, how can i read from the GPS and send to the PC? i've set the jumpers so the UART is transmitted through the built-in usb, should i change it? thx in advance
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