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    Pool Boy - Automated Pool Skimmer

    The case was made out of high density foam, sealed with silicon (which happened to work really nice with this material) Each part was manually cut using hot wire and box cutters, and was shaped using sandpaper. I have updated the project description. It was a typo, I meant to say a random path based on a "random sequence of numbers" generated.
  2. rolando07

    Pool Boy - Automated Pool Skimmer

    Hello, my name is Rolando Correa. I am a Junior student at John Brown University located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. This semester I have been working in a project called "The Pool Boy" for my Embedded Systems class. Project Objective The purpose of this project was to design and assemble a pool skimming system. The final product, the Pool Boy, can autonomously navigate and filter the surface of an 800 square foot pool in under 60 minutes. It filters the surface of the pool via water intake system driven by high efficiency electrical motors. The Pool Boy follows a random path based on a "random generated number" to efficiently cover the entire surface of any size or shape of pool. The onboard proximity sensor allows it to navigate around stray objects and pool walls without collision. The embedded solar panels continuously charge the included rechargeable battery. Parts 1 Texas Instruments MSP430G2553 1 Proximity Sensor (4-30cm range) 3 Small Solar Panels (0.1mA each output current) *this turned out to be less than expected. 2 Green LED's 1 Red LED 1 On/Off Switch 1 Rechargeable Battery (7.4 V) 2 EDF 50mm DC Motors High Density Foam 1 MOSFET Driver (4426) 2 Power MOSFET 1 Voltage regulator Feel free to leave a comment for more information. Thanks!