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  1. I think I understand, but why don't they keep it at the same pins (software wise)so it's pin compatible? Just du make sure that the user is always aware that he is using hardware UART or software UART?
  2. Great to watch, it looks like nanobots modifying a protein or something like this
  3. and the msp432 launchpad is now officially for sale. Check the store!
  4. And where is the drawback? Is it just the core power consumption? I'm not familiar with the ARM M4 design, but I think that you turn of peripherals if they are not needed to save power. Maybe 95uA is just the core with all/most of the peripherals turned off?
  5. I didn't go all the way through the order process, because they charge me 14USD for shipment and handling of a 13USD board. That's a bit much to say the least. Maybe the shipping will get cheaper once they distribute the stock to their european warehouses (I'm from Germany, my TI shipments usually come from Netherland).
  6. MSP432P401R LaunchPad is out in the store and there is a video: https://store.ti.com/msp-exp432p401r.aspx
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