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  1. Are all incorrect? unfortunately, we purchased some of our components from Ebay, which has a tendency to alter links and halt service. Hopefully you can still recognize the parts needed and be able to find them somewhere else?
  2. Thanks!! This is for the course Embedded Systems, which at our university is basically a study of the msp430 and peripherals that can be used to make an embedded system. We have several of our classmates projects posted in this forum, but do not have a page for all of our projects together. Is there a way to link forum posts together? I believe our professor is pushing for a documented/organized display of our classes projects, so we will be moving that direction in the future, but as of now we do not have anything.
  3. We will have to try that, we didn't even think about using an external IC to generate multiple PWM. Thanks!
  4. Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Karl Anderson, I am a junior at John Brown University, studying electrical engineering. I have been working with a colleague, David Bird (also a junior EE major at JBU) on a quadrotor project for the past six weeks. Below you will find a table with the parts we used: Item Cost 5g Brushless Motors * 4 $34.92 Turnigy Plush ESC 6A * 4 $32.80 10DOF Sensor Board $22.60 Zippy 800 maH LiPo $4.42 TX & RX $25.07 Frame Tubing (window scr
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