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    jmThoorens got a reaction from petertux in Fast Forth for MSP430FRxxxx   
    Hi to all,
    are you interested  in assembler language programming? if so, this could be of interest to you.
    the basic idea is a 5kB kernel embedded on a MSP430FRxxxx, capable of downloading source files, interpreting and compiling them.  Associated with a minimalist IDE: a text editor, a generic preprocessor and a terminal to communicate with the embedded kernel.
    What is the craziest wish of a microcontroller programmer? In my opinion, it would be that once his source is modified, he clicks on the "build" shortcut of the editor and in a second, the program is compiled on the target, ready for testing. It's impossible, of course. But...
    You have an MSP-EXP430FRxxxx launchpad plus an USB-UART bridge sleeping at the bottom of a drawer, and some COVID19 containment time to use? try this:
    FastForth For MSP430fr5xxx
    I hope you'll find at least some good ideas there.

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    jmThoorens got a reaction from jazz in Forth on the MSP430   
    and who can do more can do less: on a MSP4330fr5969 clocked @ 500kHz, FAST FORTH can download a source file from PC @ 115200 bds XON/XOFF, with a supply current of 175
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    jmThoorens got a reaction from jazz in Forth on the MSP430   
    ... and now communicates with PC up to 6Mbds.
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