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  1. EmBlocks,I could not run EMBlock with MSP-FET430UIF even after firmware downgrading. Which JTAG adapter would work for sure? With both interfaces: JTAG and SBW.
  2. Tried to downgrade the UIF firmware. Did not help. How should it be visible for the system? As VCP or CDC device?
  3. It does not look connected After that I tried IAR. It found the adapter on COM4 (as I set before) and download a code to the connected uC. Is there anything else I could try?
  4. Thanks. Will do it tomorrow and will post the result here.
  5. Downloaded EmBlocks 1.45 and tried to use with MSP-FET430UIF at COM4 and COM1 - unfortunately in both cases could not connect The message, that I got, is the following In text terminal window it said that could not find the interface on COM1. What do I do wrong?
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