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  1. Problem solved! Topic can be closed! Thanks to @@abecedarian !
  2. @@abecedarian I couldn't test it because I need some "tools" that I don't have at home ! today I will test this issue and will come back with the results.. ! If this strange behaviour of the ADC can have some other reasons I am all ears ! Thanks a lot !
  3. The function that transforms adc readings into RH % is listed below : int Read_RH(int pin , int temperature){ int temp_compensated_RH=0; int RH=0; float Vcc=5.0; float Vout=0; Vout=analogRead(pin)*(3.0/1023); // transforming adc readings into voltage values; RH=((Vout/Vcc) - 0.16)/0.0062; // RH formula for T= 25 Celsius - derived from HIH-4000-001 datasheet; temp_compensated_RH=RH/(1.0546-(0.00216*temperature)); // temperature compensation acording to HIH-4000-001 datasheet ; return temp_compensated_RH; } But when I call
  4. Hello everyone ! I started to use Energia to create simple projects using MSP430G2553 LaunchPad and somehow I've succeded until now! Today I encountered a problem as I was trying to read values from a HIH-4000-001 humidity sensor.The sensor is powered with 5V and can return a value ranging from 0.826 V to 3.976V coresponding to 0 - 100 % RH. Because 3.976 V is much more than the MSP430 can manage I used a 1:2 resistive divider to scale down the signal.Moreover the sensor needs an load resistance of minimum 80kohms so the resistors I used for my divider were R1= 36kohms and R2
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