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  1. What IRC server is this channel on? the_axis
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    That was it, the capacitor I had from the reset line to ground was creating the trouble. After removing it, the microcontroller programmed fine with just the 2 lines + GND. Thanks for all the help! Axis
  3. the_axis


    Well I wired it up and I'm having trouble with it. The external device has its own 3.3v power supply, the reset pin is pulled high with a 47K resistor and a 0.1uF cap to ground. I have connected the ground from the launchpad to ground on the device, TEST to pin 11 and RST to pin 10. When I attempt to debug with code composer I get the error: Error connecting to the target: Could not find device (or device not supported) If I remove the SBW cables, reinstall the jumpers on the launchpad It will still program the micro in the socket on the Launchpad. Do I have to change any setti
  4. the_axis


    Great! Thank you very much, I will give that a shot first thing in the morning. Axis
  5. the_axis


    I have contructed a simple PWM device that uses a MSP430G2231, I would like to update the software with the JTAG connections on the Launchpad programmer I have. This device has its own power supply. What connections do I need to make beween the Lauchpad and my device? Are the TEST and RST all that is required to use the Spy-Bi-Wire interface? Axis
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