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  1. Yeah, that's a good idea. It's been working well for a week, but perhaps I should replace them for the long term.
  2. It'll be attached to a vertical wall in an out-of-the way location. Needs to be rather locked down.
  3. Here you go! Holes drilled at either end of the microprocessor chip, through space that has no routes.
  4. Done! I put a hole big enough for a #4 machine screw into two places. One as @@RobG mentioned -- it went through the TI logo on the back side. The other was through the rocketship. Board still works! Thanks also for your comment, @@jpnorair. That's basically what I did, except I was eyeballing them. My biggest fear was that this was a 4-layer board and I'd punch through something important. I'm somewhat surprised by the simplicity of the board, based on just those two layers.
  5. I've been looking at the schematic+silkscreen file that comes with the design files. (I don't have any EAGLE viewing software, else I might be more certain of what I'm doing). It looks like, if this really is just a 2-layer board, that I could drill through the TI logo at one end of the socket and through the Launchpad "rocket" at the other end. I don't think I'll hit anything. Anybody want to stop me before I try it?
  6. Has anyone investigated if there are any spots on the MSP430 PCB where holes can be drilled for mounting? I'd like to mount the board, and the double-sided tape I'm using isn't really cutting it. Perhaps I could drill a hole through the launchpad logo or some other spot without cutting any traces? Any ideas? Thanks!!
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