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  1. Just placed the order. For some reason it added a second G2 launchpad and the full $495 version of CCS. I just removed those two and finished the order for $16.98. We'll see if it ships.
  2. From the terminal session you posted, I'm guessing either the file isn't where you are telling the tar command where it is or the download is corrupted somehow and is not a valid file. If you are 100% positive that you have the path and filename correct, would redownload the file. Mac
  3. @@bluehash, thanks for pointing out that educational booster. That has a lot of what I was looking for. I think I'm still going to proceed with my design just to get the experience but my world domination plans by selling a booster pack to every man, woman, and child are back on hold. Thanks for the links @@oPossum, I had only been to DigiKey and Analog's websites and got lost in the specs. Microchip's site is much easier to navigate.
  4. I'm looking for a couple of SPI and I2C components for a booster pack that I'm working on. The "requirements" are I would like to keep the costs down and have enough components on each bus to show how they work. The goal of this booster pack is to be a playground for the signals that are available on the 40-pin headers with as little external test gear needed. I would prefer to only need a multimeter. Heck, it would be nice to do all the measurements on board but that might be too complicated for me at this time. Here is what I'm planning on now: UART (menus and displaying output) R
  5. Yet another hobbyist trying to teach himself electronics and embedded systems. I was a programmer for 10y, mostly server-side and the beginnings of J2EE but got frustrated with the layers upon layers of abstraction so I decided to start programming on the bare metal in my spare time. I played around with AVRs before Arduinos existed and enjoyed that but I've been told that you get better if you branch out to other micros. So, here I am. I already have a collections of launchpads and have worked through the MSP430 workshop that TI has online so I think I have a good basis to start with. No
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