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  1. I just downloaded CCS6 last week - A lot to learn. Then I found this blog and now I have imported some of my Energia sketches. Thanks for the info!!!!
  2. Purchased one two weeks ago. Works great. Thinking about attending the Creating IoT Solutions with the Connected LaunchPad Workshop. Anybody else thinking about attending?
  3. Okay I did that and it worked great- but I can not see the serial port data. I am using P1.1 and P1.2 output from the UART crossed over to the RS232 port on my Windows7 laptop using Putty on COM1. Is there something special needed to enable these pins other than serial.begin? It works fine using the usb on the LaunchPad. Nothing when it is in the bread board but everything else is working. All the LED's work along with the servo motor. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi Everyone, I went to the Dallas Makerspace the last week in March to an Embedded Micro controller class and was introduced to the MSP430 Launchpad. I am now looking for documentation that will enable me to use the MSP430G2552 without the LaunchPad board. Make my own target board. I have written a temperature fan controller program that I want to import to my own PCB.
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